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  • Couscous surprise

    Perfect for a healthy lunch!

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  • Delicious strawberry porridge

    A great breakfast to give you that necessary burst of energy!

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  • David Luiz's tuna, tomato & sweetcorn rice salad

    This healthy rice dish makes a great lunch, and is a bit more interesting than a sandwich!

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  • Willian's healthy omelette

    A nutritious and delicious lunch dish, perfect for a young football star!

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  • David Luiz' banana loaf

    This delicious cake is a sweet but nutritious treat

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  • Piazon's mini pizzas

    This recipe is great instead of a lunchtime sandwich, and also makes for a tasty, light supper.

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  • Oscar's Energy Cookies

    These delicious cookies are a healthy treat, and will provide you with energy in-between meals.

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  • Demba Ba's Tuna Pasta

    Try Demba's tasty pasta dish!!

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  • De Bruyne's super salad

    Ideal for the summer!

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  • Mikel’s Mac and Cheese

    Fill up your family!

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  • Ramires' Tasty Crepes!

    Perfect for a healthy breakfast or lunch!

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  • Juan Mata's Chilli Con Carne!

    A strength-building feast!

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  • Gary Cahill's Super Blues Smoothie

    A great way to start the day, or a healthy drink between meals!

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  • Ashley Cole's Turkey Club Sandwich

    Ashley Cole's Turkey Club Sandwich

    Perfect for energy levels during football!

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  • Petr Cechs chicken and veg pita

    Petr Cech's chicken and veg pita

    Great for before, during and after football!

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  • david luiz likes fruit salad

    David Luiz’s tropical fruit salad

    Have a go at making this super-tasty healthy treat for your whole family!

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  • Chelsea FC's Torres

    Fernando's Fish in Foil Parcels

    If you want to be a top footballer you’ve got to eat the right foods.

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  • John Terry's Mexican Lasagne

    Find out how to make Terry's favourite training dish!

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  • Tasty vegetable soup

    Make a tasty training meal

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