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The David Luiz Blog


Drawing David

Hello and welcome to my third blog! This time I have to saythank you to all the fans who have sent mail to me because, last month, BridgeKids had a competition to see who could draw the best pictures of me and yousent in so many, I could not move!

I sat down one afternoon and looked at everysingle one and it was great fun for me. I can say that you don't just loveChelsea but you have a lot of talent as well.

We had entries from all over the UK, from Europe and evenAmerica and some school classes had to draw the pictures for their homework sowe had a whole class of children with pictures of me – it was crazy, but reallynice.I was really moved by all the pictures you sent in and thecompetition entries were absolutely incredible.

When you see that so many kidslove Chelsea and want to show me their drawings, it is a special feelingand I want to say thank you to everyone. I hope you enjoyed making the picturesbut I also hope you keep supporting us and show love for your team.

Thiscompetition has made me realise that our fans are truly amazing.The competition was divided into three age groups (5-7, 8-10and 11+) and I am going to visit the winners when we have announced who theyare. I have decided I am going to keep all of the pictures and put them in oneroom at my house in Brazil to remind me of you all.

Me in midfield
While I was in Japan, I also saw that we have fans who loveChelsea all the way across the world and, even better, they love Brazilianfootball – maybe because Brazil won the World Cup there in 2002.The Club World Cup didn't end well for us but it was a goodexperience and when we played Monterrey in the semi-final, I played my firstgame in midfield for Chelsea.

I have played there a lot of times since and it isa different job in the team to playing centre-back. I like both positions and Ithink, when you get experience, you understand the game in different ways –this is why I can play in both positions happily.

When I was a kid, I was a No 10 and then a midfielder and Ihave played here sometimes for other clubs as a professional too. So if I canhelp the team by playing further forward, I am happy.

Thanks for reading my blog and thanks for your support. Thekids are the next generation of Chelsea fans and it is really important to meand all the players to keep in contact with you. Please keep sending in yourletters and your pictures – I love to receive your mail and I read every one ofthem.Enjoy the life!

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