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Fanzone drawings

Shrimun has won a pair of CFC keeper gloves.

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16 Dec A Brighton English Premier League
19 Dec H Bournemouth EFL Cup
22 Dec H Leicester English Premier League
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Fanzone - Your Emails -


Hello Chelsea dude who’s reading my email! Yay! OK, I'm just being silly now. I wanted to email to say that I love Chelsea FC. It’s my life. I'm obsessed. I’ve supported them since I was born and I have been a massive supporter. My parents get annoyed at me when I talk about Chelsea because they know Chelsea is too good. Anyway… I have a dream. (MLK reference on point) I wish I could go to the Bridge one day. I wish I could get tickets to see my idols play, meet them and all that good stuff. But that isn’t happening anytime soon is it... LOL. By the way, do you tell players what I said in these emails if I ask you to tell them something? I don't know. Well, let’s get started. John Terry, you are my inspirations for, like, ever and your 98th minute goal made me cry in happiness the other day. You saved us! Kurt Zouma, keep doing what you’re doing, bro, you’re great! Gazza, Iva and Azpi, you’re amazing lads. Fabregas, you’re just GOALS. Diego, be my friend. Kenedy, your SOOOO GOOOOODDDDD (KFC references now) I have too much to say. Anyway, I hope one day I can afford my own tickets to go to the Bridge and meet you guys. KTBFFH, Ben

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