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The Player Arrival Experience!

This season, Chelsea players are arriving at Stamford Bridge to a new Player Arrival Experience, where they will walk a special blue carpet to be greeted by junior fans!

For every game there are 14 places available in the VIP area for junior ticket holders to be in with a chance of winning and getting to welcome their heroes to Stamford Bridge!

Tickets to the Player Arrival Experience for our fixture against Leicester City on Saturday 22nd December will be exclusively reserved for guests of Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

What you need to know!

Why have you changed it?
The new Player Arrival Experience aims to offer an improved viewing experience for our junior supporters, and a safer environment for all supporters wanting to greet the players arrival at the stadium!

Why can’t I stand in there? / Why can’t I stay here? (referring to the sterile area outside the pen)
Supporter safety is important, and this area needs to remain sterile to ensure a safe environment and be the best viewing experience for all.

Who are those people in the ‘pen’?
The ‘pen’ is a dedicated area for our junior supporters.

How do I get in there?
We advise you visit the BridgeKids website on Monday morning to find out details of how to win a place in the viewing area at the next match. There will be plenty of opportunities for you to win a place throughout the season!

Will this be at every match?

This initiative is a test and we will reassess our approach ahead of the next game! 

You can find the full terms and conditions here