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Marcos Alonso: The Boys Next Door


This interview appeared first on the official Chelsea website.

So Marcos, who is normally first in at Cobham in the mornings?

I think Azpi because he lives closer so it is easier for him to get to the training ground.

Are they tidy or messy neighbours?

They both are quite tidy but Azpilicueta loves to put his stuff on my side. I don’t really complain, I just move it back to his place. We are all friends.

Tell us something we may not know about each of them

I think you can imagine that Azpi likes to go to the gym every day before training, he is a great professional and he loves that bit. N’Golo, he is always very quiet but is always laughing about all the people joking and having fun.

Do either of them secretly film on their phones for social media content?

No. There are other people who love it, but I don’t think those two do the social live stuff much.

Who spends the longest looking in the mirror or looking after their appearance?

Me! None of the other two are very into fashion so I have to say me.

Favourite topic of conversation?

Between them they speak about FIFA because they like to play it a lot, but not me so with Azpi I speak about Spanish teams and football mostly, and he also asks me about my girlfriend because I have a new girlfriend and he is curious. And with N’Golo, he is trying to speak Spanish and I am trying to speak French so we are both teachers of each other.

Best thing about each of them as a neighbour?

The fact that they are both very tidy. N’Golo is a very nice guy and it is always good to have him around and Azpi, he is one of the captains so it is good to be near him. He is always asking things and is involved with the team, and it is good to have them both close.

One thing you would change?

I would make N’Golo speak a little bit more because he is so quiet, and Azpi, maybe he should speak less about FIFA. He speaks too much about it! He is mad with FIFA.

I was very impressed when…

I was very impressed when I heard N’Golo speaking Spanish, he used to learn it at school and he can speak it. With Cesar it is his professionalism, that is what is most impressive about him.

Do you like their music?

They don’t really play their music, it is more the other people. Between the three of us it will be me who plays the music. I will give you one act to listen to, it is like Flamenco music - Nolasco.

Let’s talk clothes...

Their style is horrible! Both of them. I think they get dressed with the lights off in the morning.

Do you see each other away from the club?

Not really. I used to see N’Golo when we both came to Chelsea at the same time because we were staying at the same hotel. I see Azpi sometimes when the Spanish players go out for dinner or a birthday celebration or something, but they both are family guys and we don’t live that close.