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Cesar talks Spain!


This interview was first published on the official Chelsea website.

In the second of a new feature for 2016/17, we ask Cesar Azpilicueta questions about his own country and about elsewhere in the world…

What characteristics define your country?

As a country I think we have plenty of things. One of the most famous things about Spain is that so many people come from abroad and the welcome that people in Spain give them is fantastic. They try to help and be kind with them. Visitors can feel very good in our country.

Where’s your favourite place in your country?

My hometown Pamplona is where I was born and where I lived for many years. It is a small town. I grew up there with my college mates and played for the local club, Osasuna, where I started as a 12-year-old.

When I played for Osasuna, it was like my family because I knew all the people in the club and in Pamplona, whenever you go into the street, you know the people you see, or you know their brother or their friend. In some way, you know everyone. And everyone knows you.

And where would you like to go in your country that you’ve never been?

I only know a little of the country. I haven’t had a lot of chances to explore and I know there are plenty of places that are very nice. But I couldn’t say one place, there are too many!

What sports are popular, other than football?

Basketball, tennis – they are sports where we have won plenty of medals and trophies that give the people more happiness and knowledge of the sport.

I can play both, okay but not that well. I won’t be beating Rafa Nadal any time soon!

Where in the world would you like to go to where you’ve never been?

We went to Australia with Chelsea (right) and that was one place I really didn’t expect to visit. I would like to see more of that country but normally I don’t travel far when I am able to travel, I stay close to my family in Spain. I like seeing different cultures and countries when I can though.

What language would you like to speak?

I speak French, English and of course Spanish. Maybe because it’s so different I would like to speak Chinese. It’s one of the languages of the future.

What’s the longest amount of time you’ve spent away from home?

Probably when I moved to Marseille or moved here I was certainly away from home for a few months, but it’s okay. I adapt well, no problem.

When was the first time you left Spain…?

It was when I was called up to the Under-16 national team for the first time. My first trip abroad was to Portugal to play a tournament. I met everyone in Madrid and then we flew to Lisbon. That was the first time I went on a plane.

Where do you see yourself maybe living when you finish playing football?

I really don’t know. It could be Spain, it could be here - it’s too far away!