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Fanzone drawings

Shrimun has won a pair of CFC keeper gloves.

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16 Dec A Brighton English Premier League
19 Dec H Bournemouth EFL Cup
22 Dec H Leicester English Premier League
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Hey Chelsea, I live in South Africa. I am one of ur biggest fans because I love the Chelsea women's team and I have always wanted to play for them. I have never seen a game, but I watch every Chelsea game 3 times to see how the team played and what they could do to play better. If I win something or meet a Chelsea player I will be the happiest person ever. It's not very common for girls to play and support soccer but I know that the first word I ever said was Chelsea. I know there is like a 1000 to 1 chance that this will be noticed but I never will give up. I love u and I will am dying to see you guys play. Even if it's the last row in the stadium

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