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Goal of the Month Feb 2018!
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24 Jan H Spurs EFL Cup
27 Jan H Wednesday English FA Cup
30 Jan A Bournemouth English Premier League
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Marcos Alonso's milk-free banana ice cream!

Preparation time: overnight (but worth the wait!)

Serves: 2


Just two bananas!


1. Chop up the bananas into slices (you should be able to do this with a table knife, but if you need a sharp knife ask an adult)
2. Put the banana slices into a sandwich bag and then store it in the freezer overnight (or for at least five hours)
3. When they're ready, take the bananas out and break them up if they've frozen into a clump
4. Ask an adult to help you put the banana into a food processor
5. Put the top on the processor securely and then pulse the bananas until an ice-cream consistency (it's very loud!)
1. Spoon out like it's an ice cream!

Stamford says:

"If you can't eat dairy, or want to avoid something with cream in it, this frozen treat is a delicious alternative!

"To add extra flavour, put in cocoa powder or peanut butter... or both!

"Instead of bananas, you can do this with strawberries as well! Why not experiment with your favourite fruit!"