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Marcos’s Madrid


This interview originally appeared on the official Chelsea website.

What would you say characterises the city of Madrid?

‘I think the people are very open, and also in the last few years lots of international people are coming as well. Before it used to be people from everywhere in Spain, now it is people from everywhere so it is becoming more of an international city and I think it is very fun. It is a 24-hours-a-day city and there is always something happening in Madrid – and also you have two of the best football clubs in Europe who play there. I think it is a very cool city, and to live there is very good.'

Does it ever rain?

‘You cannot compare with London! But it gets quite cold in the winter, I think people do not realise that but when it comes to rain, you cannot compare.'

What is your favourite area of the city?

‘I really like Barrio de Salamanca. It is in the centre and very close to everywhere. It is very classy and the buildings are very nice, with wide streets and it is a nice place to go and see.'

Did you grow up living in the city centre or outside?

‘Ten minutes away, it was very close to the centre where I used to live when I was very young, not far from the Bernabeu, Salamanca as well. Then I moved a little bit outside but most of the time I used be in the centre.'

What are good things to do in Madrid?

‘Now with the weather, it is good to go to the old Madrid to have a drink, also Retiro Park is very nice for a walk with good weather, and then to do some shopping in Salamanca and also outside the centre. You can go to the mountains about an hour away and have a chill day there.’

Where is best to shop?

‘Salamanca now is a very fashionable place and Malasana, it is growing a lot this place and it is a very cool place with new fashion and lots of young people.’

What about food in Madrid?

‘The food is very good there. You can find many restaurants but I can recommend a very classic one, Casa Lucio. If you go to Madrid I think you have to visit that place, but it is not easy to get a table.

‘Tapas is what people from outside think Spanish food is, but it is not really from Madrid. Tapas is maybe more from the south and from the coast in summer. In the north, they do it as well in the Basque Country, called Pintxos.'

What is your favourite building?

‘I think the Four Towers, the new ones. They are very nice and you can see them from the whole city. They are very modern and I like them.’

How is the city divided between Atletico and Real fans?

‘It is hard to say exactly because since the last few years when Atletico has been doing so well and reached two Champions League finals, I think a lot of people are now Atletico fans. So I would say maybe 50-50 and with a very good rivalry. It is a nice one, even though Atletico has lost two finals.

‘In terms of where the fans live, maybe before near the old Atletico stadium it was more Atletico fans but now they have moved the stadium, I don’t know if this is going to change. I would say the city is quite mixed in this sense.’