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David Luiz: the Brazil interview


Which characteristics define your country?

Firstly, happiness. Then I would say solidarity and the fact our culture is very accepting, we accept everybody and try to help them.

Where is your favourite place in Brazil?

My home. I miss it a lot because I left Brazil when I was so young. It’s difficult to identify one place as my favourite because Brazil is so amazing, but I would say my home.

Is there anywhere you would like to go in Brazil that you haven’t previously?

I want to know more about the north of Brazil. I have never been to Fernando de Noronha (pictured below), which is supposed to be amazing, so I would like to visit there one day.

Tell us something about football in your country we may not know...

The Brazilian league is one of the most competitive leagues in the world, each year we never know who is going to be champions. It's so competitive and a lot of people might not know that.

Which languages would you like to speak?

I speak Spanish, English, French and Portuguese and I understand a bit of Italian. Maybe Mandarin, that would be a good one to learn.

Where in the world would you like to visit that you’ve never been to before?

I want to go to Thailand, the islands there, Bali as well. I’d also like to go to Australia, that would be very nice.

Which sports, other than football, are popular in Brazil?

I think all of the collective sports are popular, volleyball, basketball and beach sports. Also futsal and surfing, it’s a country which really enjoys its sport.

Do you remember the first time you left Brazil?

Yes, I was nine or 10 and I went to Chile to play in a football tournament. It was an amazing experience. I was such a shy boy and I have some videos from the trip. We won the tournament and I was top scorer so I was happy. Back then I played in midfield.

Where do you see yourself living when you finish playing football?

I don’t know yet but I want to continue in football, maybe as a coach, so I might live in Europe. It just depends, but I love Lisbon. It’s an amazing city and it has a beach there, it’s the most similar city to Brazil.