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19 Dec H Bournemouth EFL Cup
22 Dec H Leicester English Premier League
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Home from home: Pedro



When I was young, I lived in a small village in Tenerife with the same people around me all the time. I was always outside, in the streets, playing football and tennis with my brother and my friends. We would try to do the skills we had seen from our favourite players on TV, like Rivaldo, and we would go to the beach a lot, because it was about 20 steps from my home. It was a very nice place to grow up.In the holidays we would go to the other Canary Islands, like Fuerteventura, and sometimes to mainland Spain to visit the cities, like Sevilla, Barcelona and Madrid. I still go back to Tenerife and Barcelona during my holidays, to visit with my family, see friends and follow the sun a little bit.


Life here is very different to Tenerife. London is a big city, with so many people and it’s a good experience for me to live somewhere different to where I grew up. When you move to a new country, you have to change a lot about your life. You have to adapt to the culture, the language, your new team- mates – it’s very different and these are good things in life. It’s nice to live new experiences, learn another language and live in a different culture. I’m just happy to be living in a great city, playing in a great league for a team like Chelsea.

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