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Stat Attack: Wembley Stadium


With Chelsea heroically reaching the FA Cup final against Manchester United on May 19th, the Blues will be taking another trip to Wembley Stadium!

The legendary stadium is steeped in history, and is known the world over for being an iconic place to watch football.

Here are some of our favourite stats about the historic British stadium:

- The screens on the side of the pitch are massive! They're the size of 600 normal household TV sets!

- 25,000 people can stand on the pitch when there's a music concert at the stadium. The pitch is covered in specially made protective panels to protect the grass!

- The vending machines dotted around the stadium can pour 30,000 cups of liquid every 10 minutes!

- The huge stadium has hosted 78 FA Cup Finals, 6 European Cup Finals, 1 World Cup and 1 Euros final!

- When the stadium held its first FA Cup final in 1923, a ridiculous 200,000 people crammed in to watch Bolton take on West Ham. To put that in perspective, that's more than double the capacity of the current venue!

- If you pulled out every seat at Wembley and placed them in a row, it would stretch to a massive 54 kilometres!