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New Willian interview!


This interview was first published on the official Chelsea website.

In the first of a new feature for the season ahead and to celebrate the four-year contract he signed yesterday, we ask Willian questions about his own country and about elsewhere in the world…

What characteristics define your country?

First of all I love Brazil. It is my country and I think Brazil is special for football, for food and for me everything in Brazil is great. When I go to Brazil I always try to do barbeque, and I think when people go to Brazil they don’t want to come back.

Where’s your favourite place in your country?

Sao Paulo. I live there as well. It is a big city so of course my house but I will say the whole of Sao Paulo for me.

Is there anywhere you would like to go in your country you’ve never been?

One place is Fernando de Noronha. It is some beautiful islands, there is a beach and I hope in the next few years I will go there.

What sports are popular in Brazil, other than football?

Of course the people they mostly like football first, but maybe basketball and volleyball as well, and not just beach volleyball, all types of volleyball. I am not so good at volleyball, I prefer basketball.

Tell us something about football in your country we may not know.

In Brazil, when you are young, maybe four or five years old, you start to play football in the street and everywhere, even inside the house. I think that is the difference from other countries, when you are born, people give a ball to you for the kid.

Where in the world would you like to go to where you’ve never been?

I have been many places but maybe the Maldives. I think that is a very nice place.

What language would you like to speak?

I want to improve my English. I speak Portuguese and Russian and in English I am doing well but I want to improve.

When was the first time you left your country?

When I was 15 I went to the USA to play football with my team Corinthians. It was good. The city was Portland.

Where do you see yourself maybe living when you finish playing football?

I don’t know yet, maybe London, maybe Sao Paulo, maybe Miami. I have to choose.